Ventriloquist from Berlin

Markus Stocker, the Ventriloquist from Berlin, dominates the high art of the beloved.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of the beloved with a lot of word wit, charm and a wink. Your guests will laugh tears

Different ventriloquist show elements can be compiled for your event:

– Markus and Oskar – the perfect couple to marvel and laugh. Oskar is a “bird of paradise”, something naughty – but quite charming. It is best to know Him.

– Mr. Müller – the “friendly” neighbor next door. An ardent retiree with all his peculiarities.

– Let your guests become a star – In a sophisticated way, your guests will be integrated into the show. But never at the expense of the audience.

You can book the belly book for company parties, birthdays, galas, etc.

The best way to see the video of the belly speaker from Berlin is to get an impression.