Magician Markus Stocker

Experience the art of magic in it´s perfection at your next event.

Your guests will experience intoxicating and humorous entertainment; wether from the stage or “up close” in the audience.

“The high art of performing magic and enchantment”

Markus Stocker, the magician, has truly enchanted innumerable amounts of people.
Choose a magician to entertain, motivate and mesmerize your customers and co-workers during your next event.

An artist with first-class references. Awarded at international Festivals of Magic.

The magician Markus Stocker performed magic for:

Zauberer Berlin - Wintergarten Variete

Wintergarten Variete

Zauberkünstler Berlin

Chinese TV

Zauberei beim Cirque du soleil

Cirque du soleil

Bauchredner - Pomp Duck

Pomp Duck and Circumstance

Magician & Entertainer

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Magic Shows are hard to describe. You have to experience them.
Please read the customer references. You can also have a look at the videos and the gallery n order to get an impression of the show.

His Motto: Magic is supposed to be fun.

His astounding magic tricks and original ideas,incites laughter and amazement.He is a guaranteed asset for any of your events. As a professional magician he is highly flexible and can empathize with any situation. Thus, he can adapt his show to any situation or event.
Markus Stocker would gladly assist you in planning your next event; in order to guarantee success.

Various entertainment programs can be chosen:

Magic, Ventriloquism , Comedy, Duo Art Magic Show

Choose the fitting entertainment for your events framework program.