Magic “up close” is the most amazing branch of magic

„Close-Up“, is the “Great Art” performed in minor form directly at the guests table.

Magic occurs before your very eyes. Imaginative and lively feats of magic are performed with everyday objects. Miracles occur even in the audiences hands.
…… Torn cards are restored in the hands of amazed audience members
…… Bank notes change in mysterious ways
…… The signatures of two members of the audience melt into one
…… Spoons bend on their own
…… Intrigued???

“Close-up” Magic is independent of a stage and can be performed while among the audience.
The „ice“ within the audience is quickly broken with “Close-up” Magic; as the guests quickly begin conversations among themselves.
This type of magic is very well suited for multiple-course dinners, as well. During breaks between courses the guests are entertained and amazed.

For many years, the table magician, Markus Stocker, was an important part of the famous show Pomp Duck & Circumstance.

“Close Up“ Magic is ideal for Cocktail Parties, Champagne Receptions, Gala Events and Business- or Company Events.